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Modified Bitumen Roofing System Installation In St Louis Mo
OSHA regulations are of high importance to Dale Williams, and the staff at Williams American Construction.  Our staff takes annual OSHA training classes in order to stay abreast of all new and current Safety, as well as Health guidelines.
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TPO Roofing Systems St Louis Mo

TPO Roofing Systems in St Louis Mo

The membrane may also be fully adhered to an insulation or deck material using an adhesive.  Insulation is typically secured to the deck with mechanical fasters and the TPO membrane is adhered to the insulation.  This type of system is highly resistant to wind and its associated uplift forces.  Since the sheet is 100 percent affixed to the substrate, the membrane does not flutter due to associated wind forces.  With no sheet movement due to the 100 percent attachment of the membrane, the fully adhered system is ideal for very visible roofs such as domes or other high slope applications.
One of the primary benefits of TPO membrane is the ability to fuse the sheets together with a hot air weld.  The welding process results in a bond that is actually stronger than the sheet itself.  When properly compounded, TPO membrane has a wide window of weldability, allowing the roofing applicator to complete hot air welds consistently in a broad temperature range.
TPO Roofing Systems (Most Popular)
Thermoplastic polyolefin, acronym TPO, is a thermoplastic elastomer olefinic.  A thermoplastic elastomer is a diverse family of rubber-like materials that can be reprocessed and recycled.

TPO-based products have been used in various applications, including the automobile industry since the 1980’s and have seen their usage continue to expand.  In 1989, TPO-based membrane moved into the roofing industry as a non-reinforced sheet.  In 1993, the original non-reinforced TPO membrane was replaced with membranes containing reinforcing fabric.  Since that time, the TPO single-ply roofing market has grown to hundreds of millions of square feet annually with TPO membrane comprising the fastest growing segment of the U.S. single-ply roofing industry.

The physical properties of TPO roofing membranes include top ply thickness over scrim, elongation, breaking strength tearing strength, linear dimensional change, weatherability and a myriad of other factors to establish ASTM standards.

The TPO membrane is typically installed using mechanical fasteners and plates placed along the edge of the sheet and fastened through the membrane and into the roof decking.  Adjoining sheets of TPO membrane are overlapped, covering the fasteners and plates, and joined together with a minimum 40mm (1.5in) wide hot air weld.
The membrane may be welded at speeds up to 14 feet per minute using a self-propelled hot-air welder.  The air temperature at the welding nozzle is approximately 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
The membranes are easily repaired if they are ever damaged.

TPO membranes  are 100 percent recyclable.

The Reflectivity of TPO membrane is very high and because of this, white TPO membranes can meet and do exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Energy Star” performance levels.  White TPO membranes typically display reflectivity ratings in the high 80 percent range when “Energy Star“ specification only require 65 percent minimum.  They are resistant to mold and algae growth.

TPO membranes have succeeded in gaining strong roofing industry credibility and they have helped to ensure product quality, durability and longevity.

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TPO Roofing System Installation In St Louis Mo
TPO Roofing System Installation In St Louis Mo
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